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Nana's Banana Bread

Banana Bread Company and Shop

Nana’s was a self-initiated personal project developed over quarantine

after missing design work. A lot of people I knew had been making

banana bread during the increased time indoors. I imagined

someone baking banana bread with their grandmother or nana,

loving it so much, and realizing that they had to share it with

the world. What started as a banana bread company

developed into brick and mortar cafes that now sell a wider

variety of food and drinks on top of the classic banana bread.

Nana’s brand style is very contemporary with a yellow, baby

blue, and navy blue color palette. The “Nana’s” logo can be

shorted to a stacked “Nana” when being used in a pattern

like on a shopping bag. The traditional word mark logo

can be seen on napkins, aprons, and wax paper. 

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